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        ABOUT US

Sam Woo has maintained its leadership in the domestic circular connector
market for over two decades.

As a call to the pressing competition of the connector industry and to
expand our horizons in the international market, our overseas taskforce
team continuously devise strategies to provide our customers with quality
products that meet and exceed the standards of top connector users today.

Our QA and R&D team enjoy challenges arising from market change,
allowing continuousimprovement in our
products. We welcome you to share our movement in a diligent effort
to be the best.

Our QA team is dedicated to providing quality products and services that meet and exceed the specification and expectations of each of our users.

In our flexible and systemized assembly line, we are able to custom produce the ordered parts and at the same time maintain top quality.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified for quality and ISO 14001 certified to comply with the environmental regulations. Installation of the ERP system now allows efficiency and transparency in our operation.

Staff at all levels of our operation is alert and have the ability and responsibility to detect parts that do not conform to the quality standards of Sam Woo.


Connecting the World

Sam Woo will maximize the economic well-being and quality of life of our users, suppliers and stakeholders by delivering environmentally conscious products, creating value and quality output by connecting equipment to equipment, equipment to people and ultimately people to people in all corners of the world.
      ▶ 1981   Established

      ▶ 1994  Issued 20 patents for cable TV connector

      ▶ 1997  Acquired KSA9001/ISO9001 Certifications

      ▶ 1999  Constructed a new plant in Shihwa Industrial
                   Complex, South Korea

      ▶ 2000  Issued patent for SIM card connector

      ▶ 2002   Awarded "Government Support Program for
                  Exporting Enterprises " for three consecutive years

      ▶ 2002   Established partnership with Trust Components, Ltd. (Japan)
                  and E-valucon, Inc. (USA)

      ▶ 2003  Acquired UL Certificate (E234985)

      ▶ 2003  Registered "R&D Center" (No. 20031233) certified
                  by Korea Industrial Technology Association (KITA)

      ▶ 2003  Selected as a "Promising Small & Medium - Size
                 Enterprises 2003" by Gyunggi Province

      ▶ 2003  Acquired KSA14000 / ISO4000 Certificates

      ▶ 2004  Adopted ERP System

      ▶ 2005  Applied RoHS Compliancy to export items

      ▶ 2005  Received LG Eco Partner Certificate

      ▶ 2006  Established partnership with E-valucon HK

      ▶ 2008  Selected as INNO-BIZ from Small & Medium
                   Business Administration


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